Zeng Qingliang Visited the Universities in Kenya, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia

Release time | 2023-07-17

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From June 29th to July 8th, President Zeng Qingliang led a delegation to visit friendly schools in Kenya, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. During the visit, through in-depth discussions, the delegation fully understood the situation of higher education in Arab countries, actively explored new fields, innovated cooperation models, signed several exchange agreements, reached broad cooperation consensus, and achieved fruitful results.

Kenyatta University is a well-known university named after the founding president of Kenya. Kenyatta University President Paul warmly welcomed Zeng Qingliang and the delegation. Both sides attach great importance to the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two universities, cherish the positive results and deep friendship achieved in friendly exchanges over the past fifteen years, and exchange in-depth views on topics such as strengthening teacher exchanges, academic cooperation, student joint training, and master's major co-construction in the future. They jointly attend the Confucius Institute Council and the intercollegiate exchange and cooperation symposium, and collaborate to plan for the high-quality development of the Confucius Institute, Sign the agreement on co building the Master of International Chinese Education at the Kenyatta University. During his visit to the Confucius Institute, Zeng Qingliang planted olive trees symbolizing peace and hope with the Vice President Caroline, held a symposium with the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute, presented books and materials such as The Analects of Confucius, and visited the cultural exhibition hall, library, Lecture hall and other facilities of the Institute. During this period, Zeng Qingliang attended the unveiling ceremony of the Confucius Classroom and unveiled the Confucius Classroom. People's Daily Online, China.com and other media reported the relevant activities.

Egypt is an Arab country with significant influence in Africa and the Middle East, and its higher education has always been in a leading position among African countries. Zeng Qingliang visited Halwan University, October 6 University, Future University, Faruz University and Alexandria University, and was warmly welcomed and received by the above-mentioned universities respectively. Egyptian universities express their sincere expectation of conducting practical and efficient substantive exchanges and cooperation with Shandong Normal University to meet the good wishes and urgent needs of local students and the public to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture. Both sides held sincere and friendly discussions and exchanges on exploring overseas education, international Chinese education, student joint training, hiring foreign teachers in Arabic, dispatching Chinese teachers, Confucius Institutes, academic research, and cultural exchanges between China and Arab countries, and reached important cooperation consensus. SDNU signed exchange and cooperation agreements with Future University, Faruz University and Alexandria University respectively.

SDNU established friendly relationship with the University of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia in 2020 and was approved as a Chinese partner of the Confucius Institute at the University of Jeddah. Zeng Qingliang reviewed the communication and cooperation situation during the epidemic and emphasized the full promotion of the preparation and construction work of the Confucius Institute, and looked forward to its unveiling and operation as soon as possible; both sides have confirmed the short-term visit program for teachers and students to China during the summer, and have also conducted a friendly discussion on matters such as student exchange and teacher exchange. After the meeting, the delegation visited the new office building built by Jeddah University for the Confucius Institute.

Translator,Editor: Jia Bingbo