About CIE

College of International Education of Shandong Normal University (CIE/SDNU hereafter) is a teaching-and-administrative-oriented unit which mainly aims at accepting and training international students. CIE/SDNU is well-known for the teaching quality. CIE has a team of excellent teachers with reasonable talent echelon. They are dedicated to the teaching career and offer quality teaching with abundant scientific attainments.                        
At present, there are 27 full-time teachers giving Chinese language courses to the international students, among whom are 2 professors, 10 associate professors. 12 of the teachers have obtained the doctoral degrees. Most of the full-time teachers have been teaching Chinese as a second language for many years and have the experience of teaching Chinese abroad. Dozens of countries have witnessed their teaching experiences, such as Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Sudan, UK, Egypt and Burma. All the experiences have enabled them to accumulate rich experience in teaching Chinese as a second language.                        
CIE has Chinese student pursuing bachelor or master degrees majoring in Chinese and Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. At the same time, CIE offers degree and non-degree Chinese programs for international students.  Degree program consists of one master degree program MTCSOL (Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), and two undergraduate programs TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) and Chinese Language (duration of 2-4 years). Non-degree program mainly refers to the courses on Chinese and Chinese culture offered to long-term and short-term international students.