Herzen International Art College Was Launched

Release time | 2023-04-03

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   On March 29th, Herzen International Art College inaugural conference and Shandong - Russian art universities exchange dialogue were held in Shandong Normal University. Sun Xiaoyun, Deputy Director of Shandong Provincial Education Department , Sun Yebao, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Dmitrii Mereshkin,Vice Rector of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Pankina Elena,Vice President of the Ural National Conservatory of Music, Shandong Normal University President Zeng Qingliang and other Chinese and foreign guests attended the conference and delivered speeches. Shandong Normal University leaders Wang Chuankui, Wan Guangxia, Zhou Jing, Xu Shuangqing and Zhang Maocong attended the conference.

       Zeng Qingliang pointed out in his speech that in recent years, SDNU has continued to implement the international development strategy and expanded the overseas "circle of friends", establishing inter-university friendly cooperation with 161 universities in 32 countries (regions). Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia has a long history, profound academic accumulation and strong comprehensive strength, especially in art disciplines. He said that Herzen International Art College will form an international faculty, gather famous experts and scholars in the field of art in China and Russia, continuously deepen the comparative research of art science in China and Russia, and at the same time set up an overseas practice teaching base in Herzen State Pedagogical University to further promote education, teaching and humanities and art exchanges between China and Russia.

       In his speech, Dmitrii Mereshkin said that Russia and China have deep historical ties and friendly traditions in the fields of culture, art and education. Herzen International Art College is a successful practice of the two universities to implement the deepening of the comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and China, strengthen the educational exchanges and humanistic cooperation between Russia and China, and is an important result of the effective cooperation between Russia and China in the field of education. In the future, the two universities will focus on the high-quality development of Herzen International Art College , attract more high-level experts to participate in teaching and research work, and cultivate more high-quality artistic talents for both countries.